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Pennington Crossarm Co. has achieved what no other wood crossarm manufacturer

has done before :

ISO 9001:2008 Certification



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Pennington Crossarm Co. is committed to sustainable business practices to reduce the impact on our environment. 


Reducing Impact on Forest lands:


  • All logs purchased by our sawmill come from managed forests.
  • “Green” certified lumber products are purchased whenever possible.
  • All material not making lumber (bark, chips, sawdust, shavings, and trim ends) is used for paper products, particleboard, decorative bark, or finger-jointed pieces for studs or door components.

Reducing Energy:


  • Motion-detectors and high-efficient lighting throughout our facility reduce the use of electricity.
  • Dehumidification dry kilns require less electricity and release significantly less gas emissions than conventional steam kilns.
  • Recycled plastic strapping for unit packaging is offered (railroad approved).


These are a few of the ways

 Pennington Crossarm Co. is working to reduce the impact on our environment.

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